Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fifth Impressions: Balance & Dynamics

This is how Brawl works so far in my mind. Without getting into what happens when moves directly interact, this map should show how the dynamics of position affect the flow of a Brawl battle.


Just click your way around. And if you need to adjust the view, click and drag the white space.

I provided a link to the Balance Board under the "[Insert Game Discourse] Here" section on the side bar.

Playing games is all about understanding the rules and how those rules limit play. Because when there's limitation there can be moves, tactics, strategies, and gambits.

Think about it!


Jrhee said...

Interesting Brawl Balance Board. I always wondered how better players did all certain moves that they perform and this was an interesting way of breaking it down and showing casual players how it works. Didn't expect it to be so diverse and complicated though. Puts much more dynamics to the game and allows for players to improve. Hope to use "hugging" and "edge-hogging" soon.

KirbyKid said...


Let me know if it's too complicated.

By Breaking things down point by point and putting additional information on the clickable branches, I hoped to reduce some of the initial complexity.

I'm sure video/images would really help users visualize the material.

Jrhee said...

i thought it was good except some o the bigger paragraph concepts and wording were confusing.

KirbyKid said...

Yeah, I didn't bother making a glossary or anything like that.