Wednesday, August 20, 2008

B.E.S Vacation

Team B.E.S is hitting the road tomorrow. I tried to get a few more posts in before the trip, but it looks like I need the break more than I thought I did. I'll see if I can complete some of the posts from the road (I consider writing a very relaxing activity), but I'm not promising anything.

To give you a glimpse at what my brain is filled with, I'm currently sitting on articles like...
  • Decay of Neo*RPG and how decay is a natural conclusion/extension of natural forms.
  • Design/decay of Boktai and taking a gimmick seriously through combined gameplay design (ie. the thing Kojima couldn't do).
  • Sonic 1,2,3, Rush, Rush Adventure review, repair, and re-imagining of Sonic next-gen gameplay .
  • What it means to be a gamer/how games teaches and conditions a gamer's perspective when away from their virtual worlds.
  • Luigi's Mansion - Drill Dozer mechanical match up.
  • Pikmin uncovering the design and depth in Pikmin's origami folded level design.
  • Everyday Shooter repair.
  • DS design series.
  • Burgeoning genres from under our radar.
  • 2 new Drebin points.


1 comment:

Bryan said...

Can't wait for the Sonic repair. The games are fun, but I know at least one area the game could use improvements on.