Sunday, February 3, 2008

Critical Casts #3 GuitaRPG

This podcast is all about listening....

You can download Critical Casts 3 HERE

Now you can watch it...

GuitaRPG youtube tutorial

Show Notes...

Download the GuitaRPG demo..HERE
  • If you don't have a guitar hooked up to your PC, try using 1-5 for the fret buttons and to strum.

Use this GlovePIE script (just copy paste it)

Key.i + Wiimote.Rumble= wiimote.RawAccz > .75
Key.m + Wiimote.Rumble= wiimote.RawAccz < .30

Key.1 = Wiimote.Classic.A
Key.2 = Wiimote.Classic.B
Key.3 = Wiimote.Classic.X
Key.4 = Wiimote.Classic.Y
Key.5 = Wiimote.Classic.ZL
Key.6 = Wiimote.Classic.R
Key.8 = Wiimote.Classic.Minus
Key.9 = Wiimote.Classic.Plus
Key.Backspace = Wiimote.Classic.Down
Key.Backspace = Wiimote.Classic.Up

Wiimote.Led1 = true
Wiimote.Led4= true

Key.P = Wiimote.Plus
Key.M = Wiimote.Minus


cHaNg-sTa said...

But does it play Through the Fire and Flames for you??? lol

Arcalyth said...

This is very interesting...

Do you plan on implementing hammer-ons and pull-offs?

Arcalyth said...

Also, how did you get Bluetooth to work with Game Maker? (and what version of Game Maker are you using? Because it's working in wine, and that's not usually the case)

Arcalyth said...

Oh, wait, you're running it through Glovepie, duh XD

KirbyKid said...


Hammer-on and pull-offs? Why yes. I believe I mentioned something about my plans on their implementation in the podcast.

In fact, I've already added them in. As well as bending, and a whammy bar. I'm still tinkering with it in order to fine tune the effect, but the coding/tech is mostly there.

Is there something strange with my Gamemaker?