Friday, February 15, 2008

Eureka! Level Design... I've found you.

If you listened to the latest podcast, you know that I've been mulling over how to approach solidifying the level design for GuitaRPG. Here's a short list of all the elements I've been tossing around...

  • How they move
  • How they attack
  • How the represent music
  • How music is made through their interaction with the player
  • How to have 4 players without them crowding each other
  • How the player moves considering the limitation of the Guitar Hero controller
  • Coordinating moving/music/and attacking
  • power meters
  • combo meters
  • roulettes
  • and other notifications
RPG stuff
  • Turned based/Real time
  • Random Battles
  • world map/dungeon map/battle area
  • How all these elements work with music

Well now I have the answer. In my head at this moment, I'm battling in GuitaRPG and I'm having a blast. I know that doesn't mean much for you guys because you can't play what I'm thinking. I'll surely get to work pumping out a demo of my mind. In the meantime, let me just say that it's a combination of...

  1. Grandia's Battle system
  2. Crystal Chronicles
  3. Dragon Quest Swords
Special thanks to Peter Gault who's own ideas for a Guitar RPG game helped jog my thoughts back on track.

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